Our Story

Business, Operation and Innovation

OptimiCDN was founded in 2014 in London (UK) from our deep experience of the web whilst working with very high traffic volumes. We understood the real importance of web performance and the need to create simple, affordable and bespoke managed solutions. We have industrialised our managed Multi CDN offering instant scalability, availability and performance for some of the largest video gaming apps and platforms in an end-to-end solution.

​In 2016, we decided to expand our activities with our subsidiary based in Paris (France) to address the E.U market as it became obvious that a large number of companies keen to develop their digital could benefit of our end-to-end managed solutions to offer better user experience and security, optimise their costs and focus on their businesses instead of spending fortunes and losing time on specialised topics.

Technologies are evolving rapidly and we are constantly looking for innovative and efficient products to include in our cutting edge solutions which must adapt to the latest standards and make your business successful.

The long-term confidence that our clients have placed in us is an indefectible proof of our commitment, proficiency and complete dedication to serve your interests.

We democratise web performance and cybersecurity to deliver optimal digital experience with unrivaled dedicated support.

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