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Priority to Users
& Delivery

You are working with global publishers and advertisers, leading numerous online and mobile campaigns at the same time and displaying thousands of ads every second on websites with global audience. Your ads must display prior any content regardless the format to generate more action from end-users as they are directly linked to your delivery performances.

The implementation of our web performance and security solutions will help to meet your objectives: increase impressions and protect your digital properties.


of Ad traffic
is considered as fraudulent


The Ad network industry is complex and implicates numerous third parties with connection to many APIs and other integration. Unfortunately, it creates weaknesses and possibility for fraudsters to find entry points and hack your services. It is important to implement security products to reduce the risks.


You need speed for two reasons. Your clients work hard to offer exceptionnal user experience and the delay of your Ad display will impact their work and efforts. The end user is impatient and expects fast and smooth navigation experience meaning that if your Ads do not display, you will annoy them and you might lose some business.


Banners, video pre-roll and playable ads must be displayed in no time and key messages must be displayed on any type of device all around the world. Our web performance products will provide the result you are looking for in terms of scalability, availability and geographic reach. We offer unmatched uptime and service availability.

Recommended Solutions for Ad Tech


CDN, Multi CDN & DNS for enhanced User Experience & web performance


DDoS as a standard, WAF & Rate Limiter for optimal protection

Need to ensure global delivery & scalability?