Client mobility & Increased downloads

Priority to your Audience

Apple or Google can feature your app at anytime, or your success could come from a blog, influencers or a marketing campaign meaning instant traffic peak and your need to be ready to absorb a data deluge. A sure thing, it is hard to be discovered in the app stores and if your app is downloaded, it is your responsibility to offer a smooth and quality experience. The content of your app is key but ther performance and security of your app will lead to your success. Mobile users do not like to wait and they will probably abandon or uninstall a slow application.

You have only a few days to convince your new audience to interact with your service and a few weeks to keep them using your app.


of users will leave an App if it doesn’t load on their smartphone after 5 sec


The app world requires to develop for iOS and Android and it is a hard work to keep your app secure, reliable and scalable. Update frequencies have accelerated and you might release a patch or app update twice a week meaning regular Q&As increasing the probability to miss security breaches or add entry points. There is more risk than you think.


Your users are on the go and expect to enjoy your services in all situations at anytime. We adapt our products and solutions based on your app development ensuring enhanced mobile user experience. We can do a lot to improve your services and relieve your infrastructure but mobility is tricky. The deployment of 5G networks will help in some regions but best practices are always recommended.


The mobile market is not easy as users can be everywhere and expect great user experience no matter their location. We help you optimise each kilobytes of your digital assets. Our web performance products from DNS, CDN, Multi CDN and Image optimisation offer speed, automation and scalability to let you focus on your priority: your app content and service.

Recommended Solutions for App


CDN, Multi CDN & DNS for enhanced User Experience & web performance


DDoS as a standard, WAF & Rate Limiter for optimal protection

Need for scalable and secure App ?