Gamer Satisfaction & Increased Revenues

Priority to your Gamers

Your audience is between 5 an 90 years old plus and is captivated by the games you develop. Your gaming portal and mobile game can reach anyone at anytime and anywhere in the world, this is the beauty of your industry. Gaming has no boundaries and games can growing and become a hit in a few days! You and your team continuously develop games, add new levels, come up with new patches or updates and because your industry is unpredictable, you need scalable solutions to accept and keep players online.

The implementation of our web performance and security solutions will help to meet your objectives: improve user experience and protect your digital properties.


of mobile users expect pages to load as fast or faster than they load on the desktop.


It is no secret that the gaming industry is a sector with gray areas and where network and malicious attacks are frequent. We know your situation as we have worked for and with large gaming platforms. Our cybersecurity products (DDoS, WAF and Rate Limiter) will ensure a stable and safe environment for your infrastructure whilst gamers will have fun.


Our bespoke solutions and technical optimisations relieve your infrastructure and back-end, boost your download speed and give users buffer free experiences wherever they are. User activation will be quicker than ever and retention rates will increase. The last mile delivery we offer is the differentiator for the digital performance you can deliver smooth, fast and memorable gaming experience.


We implement dedicated bespoke solutions for mobile game or a desktop platform as needs and requirements are different. Slow downloads and poor performing games break the experience, cause higher abandon and install rates as well as poor reviews. Our premium CDN network allows smooth and fast content delivery to your gaming community.

Recommended Solutions for Gaming


CDN, Multi CDN & DNS for enhanced User Experience & web performance


DDoS as a standard, WAF & Rate Limiter for optimal protection

Need to ensure stable gaming experience?