Reading Satisfaction & Increased Revenues

Priority to Users & Crawlers

Your audience is unpredicatable as unexpected events can send a very large number of visitors to your site or app. Your infrastructure suffers from traffic flow and your SEO goes up and down with poor performance metrics. You constantly provide new content such as articles, videos, podcasts and other type of content but your infrastructure has technical limitation. Users expect information to be displayed instantly wherever they are.

The combination of our web performance, technical SEO and security solutions will help to meet your objectives: increase your page views or subscribers base, improve your crawl budget and protect your digital properties.


of consumers leave a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load.


As a media platform, you should consider all various type of attacks that could harm your digital properties. We provide a suite of cybersecurity products (WAF, DDoS, Bot Management, Rate Limiter…) to protect your digital properties and provide safe environments for connected users and their sensitive data.


Users can be everywhere and expect smooth and fast navigation experience when they go from an article to another. We provide a suite of web performance products (CDN, DNS, Image Optimisation and custom setup) to boost your digital properties. Poor performances will immediately affect the user experience and search engine crawlers behaviours meaning a loss in your quest to success.


Your platform has a large mobile and traffic audience and visitors expect your site to be live at anytime. Traffic influence is unpredictable and our bespoke solutions will ensure business continuity in all kind of scenarios. Our goal is 100% service uptime and availability for your digital assets.

Recommended Solutions for Media


CDN, Smart Image & DNS for enhanced UX and optimal business results


Technical optimisations
to improve your crawl budget & monitor your SEO


DDoS protection by default, WAF & Rate Limiter for connected users

Need to display fast and light content?