Viewer experience & Increased subscriptions

Priority to your Viewers

Your subscribers and your video library are growing fast but your content tends to buffer at peak times or when you launch new episodes. A majority of your subscribers start watching new episodes of their favorite TV series or replay TV shows on their tablets, mobile phones or through Chromecast and Apple TVs. This new way of streaming video often causes network instability resulting in poor viewer experience with video buffering, pixelation and platform crashes.

The implementation of our web performance and security solutions will help to meet your objectives: relieve your infrastructure and protect your digital properties while offering smooth video streaming.


of total mobile data traffic worldwide is video content


The configuration of HTTP headers is too often neglected and misconfigured headers lead up to important speed loss. Some video players let you select the streaming quality or even the network stream to use but granting these features lead in poor user experience. A dynamic and automatic network switching such as our Multi CDN will offer enhanced video experience and avoid users to enter technical setup.


Videos require large bandwidth capacity especially for new video formats such as 4K and the recent release of 8K. We offer transmux, token protection and network security solutions dedicated to video platforms ensuring content security and secure data transfers. Customer data are safe and their IPs are hidden unlike peer-to-peer.


Your service is struggling because your content is popluar and that too many viewers are connecting simultaneously to your platform. Digital Video platforms should rely on a provider that can offer instant scalability, redundancy and security to avoid service disruptions and deliver exceptional flawless video experience cross devices.

Recommended Solutions for Video


CDN, Multi CDN & DNS for enhanced User Experience & web performance


DDoS as a standard, WAF & Rate Limiter for optimal protection

Need to deliver buffer free videos?