Managed security layer integration

Why cybersecurity matters?

Security threats are numerous and it is crucial to provide safe environments for your visitors as they rely on you to protect and keep their data safe. An important number of attacks happen everyday and the types of attack are evolving with technology. Security is a must have but it is crucial to use the right service and configure it correctly.


current global attacks on digital properties


We offer different technology stacks which can be combined together. The objective is to prevent service disruptions caused by bad traffic, while allowing good traffic through, keeping your digital properties highly available.


DDoS, WAF, Rate Limiter, Bot manager are part of our product range but not all of these products will fit your needs and requirements. Our managed solutions offer optimal protection and performance.


Our security suite comes either managed for small teams or for a client looking for strong expertise with on-going support or non managed for clients that have internal resources to look after security topics.

Need to protect your digital properties?