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Protection Against Layer 3/4 Attacks

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Why DDoS protection is important?

When hackers find and attack your origin infrastructure directly by IP address, they are trying to bypass our security layers and the role of our DDoS is to intercept the threat and scrub the traffic meaning that only authorised requests get through so that your websites and apps remain live.

Automatic. Dynamic.


Our DDoS is a cloud-based solution that provides scalable capacity with instant attack detection and mitigation. Layer 3/4 DDoS attacks are mitigated closest to the source, ensuring the availability of your network resources even under the largest attack.


Network attacks are unpredictable and in case of an attack, your business will immediately be affected. Using a CDN provider with a large network capacity will reduce the risk of being harmed by an attack as a CDN will by default protect its own network.


Our DDoS product is easy to manage and does not require active management. It offers automatic mitigation of most common attack types, with no human intervention required meaning that your business is always protected. No maintenance required.

Main Features.

Real Time Monitoring

Automatic Mitigation

Monitored 24/7

100% Uptime SLA

Global Anycast Network

No Active Management

DDoS benefits.

Instant Protection

Global Protection

Managed 24/7

Instant Scalability

Live Monitoring

Need for managed DDoS protection?